From Store Haus to Southbury Self Storage


Where it all began

The building that now houses Southbury Self Storage was built in 1966 by the manufacturing firm called Dav-Matic, Inc., a business originally started in Waterbury in 1949 by Anthony Polmon, a veteran returning from WWII. 

In 1975, David, the son of the founder and himself a war veteran, bought the business from his dad and ran it until 1987 when it became obvious that there was no future in manufacturing in Connecticut. The production machinery was sold and the funds used to construct steel self-storage rooms inside the building, using about 2/3rds of the available floor space. Store-Haus, Inc opened it's doors to the first storage customer in July of 1988. Within a few short years, the original storage rooms were filled and in January, 1992, the rest of the floor space was built into storage rooms, bringing the total to 250 storage units. 

Fast Forward to Today

In 2016, Rob LaBonne and his then girlfriend (now wife) moved to Southbury. They rented an apartment next door to Store Haus and their dog Toby would play every day with Dave's dog Wolfie. Rob and Dave became friends, sharing many mutual interests, and stayed in touch even after Rob and Sam moved elsewhere in Southbury. When Dave decided he wanted to retire, Rob offered to purchase the business and property. The deal officially closed on March 5th, 2020. 

Rob and Sam are excited to start their journey as small business owners in the town that they call home. They both have full time jobs outside of running the storage business and look forward to bringing their professional experience and personal touch into this new venture.

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Dave & Carol Polmon with Rob LaBonne

Store Haus and Southbury Self Storage Owners

Toby and Wolfie Playing at Store Haus

Store Haus and Southbury Self Storage Dogs