Tenant Protection Plans

Store With Peace of Mind

What is Storage Unit Tenant Protection?

Southbury Self Storage offers reliable and affordable Tenant Protection plans so you can store your valuables with peace of mind. You can sign up with the click of a button when you first rent your unit or add a plan on anytime in the future by signing in to your account. You may also opt out and provide your own outside coverage.

Coverage Options

$2,000 .................. $9/month
$5,000 .................  $14/month
$10,000 ................ $28/month
$15,000 ...............  $35/month

Our protection plans offer advantages such as no deductible and protection of commercial and personal goods.

What is Covered?

• Burglary
• Vandalism 
• Water Damage (excluding flood)
• Rodent/Vermin Damage (up to $500)
• Fire and Smoke Damage 
• Hail Damage 
• Lightning 
• Explosion 
• Subsidence 
• Building Collapse 
• Sinkhole Collapse

How to File a Claim

1. Contact Southbury Self Storage so we know what happened
2. Take photos of any damage to your items and the storage unit
3. Click here to file your claim or call 833-682-8879 Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm MT (Utah)
4. For claims involving crime, have a police officer visit the unit and file a police report
5. Once the claim is submitted to WK Webster (the claims adjuster), Easy Storage Solutions, LLC
will work with you to make sure all of the information is complete.
6. You get paid for your claim!

Please Note: Easy Storage Solutions, LLC's Tenant Protection Program is not an insurance policy and the facility owner is not an insurance company. Tenant-protection plans are a contractual relationship between the tenant and the storage operator. Under a protection plan, the operators agrees to retain limited responsibility for the tenant’s property under specific terms and conditions. Please refer to the lease agreement addendum with the facility for terms and conditions.

Tips to Protect Your Items

• Use a quality lock 
• Try not to store items of high monetary value
• Do not store anything flammable or hazardous
• Take an inventory of everything in your storage space